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Energy educators are a dedicated team of professionals focused on making it easier to understand your homes’ energy usage and costs. We believe, energy awareness is one of the key requirements to reducing your homes’ carbon footprint. With over 15 years in business, it’s only a matter of Googling our company to see the response from the 1000’s of customers we’ve worked with over the years.

Here is an insight to what we do:

LIGHTING: We remove those old expensive lights from your home and we install for FREE, high-quality, low energy, efficient lights that are going to make a significant difference to your electricity bills and come with a 2-year warranty.

IN HOME DISPLAY: through a 3-minute upgrade on your smart meter we add an In-Home Display for free. This product allows you to sync your phone to your smart meter giving you a real time accurate reading of your home’s energy usage and what it’s costing you. Having access to this information enables you to review and modify your usage and spend instantly.

BILL COMPARISON: we have a team of “Billologists” who can walk you through your usage and offer through a panel of retailers, the ability to switch to one that suits your home best.

SOLAR & BATTERIES: Our solar & battery educators are seasoned members of the Solar and Battery community in Australia. We offer home owners and landlords a free solar and battery assessments and, a competitive quote on future proofing the property against rising energy costs.

As a licensed Registered Electrical Contractor (REC) our company knows Occupational Health and Safety more than others in the industry. Our installations are completed by a qualified Electrician and we only partner with experienced professionals who are committed to delivering high quality service.

Our energy industry experts will help you make the right decisions regarding your energy journey. Our team is motivated to supporting Australian households with clean energy products, future proofing for the generations that follow.

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